Bluebonnet Rabbit Booster 16%

Bluebonnet Feeds

  • 16% high quality protein with 3% fat in a consistent base formula with premium dehydrated alfalfa fiber.
  • Formulated in order to allow breeders to add up to 25% grain or other ingredients to the pellets and not interfere with the total nutrient balance of the diet.
  • For those that want the very best feed for their rabbits.
  • Expect maximum growth, improved fur condition, efficient breeding and better overall health.
  • Fortified with prebiotics and probiotics to maximize digestive efficiency and help maintain a healthy digestive tract by helping fight off pathogens naturally and safely.
  • Contains organic trace minerals for optimum mineral absorption.
  • Optimum trace mineral nutrition maximizes immune system response, growth, breeding, performance and maximum fur quality with vivid color.
  • Contains Yucca Schidigera Cactus Extract to protect gut health and reduce ammonia levels in the rabbitry. Contains friendly probiotics for digestive support.
  • Compare your feed label to this one!
  • All select ingredients must pass our strict quality inspection standards before being accepted for use.
  • “True Name” ingredient listing shows the specific name of the ingredients used in this feed wherever possible.Rabbits love the taste of this 5/32″ small firm pellet double screened to be clean with a very low fines level.
  • Balanced and fortified with all necessary vitamins and minerals to maximize results without the need for additional supplementation.
  • Reliable results can be expected with this consistent quality feed bag after bag. You have made the premium choice when you choose Bluebonnet Feeds.

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