Cactus Ropes

Since the day they started back in 1991, the goal at Cactus Ropes has been to produce the best ropes on the market. State-of-the-art equipment enables them to produce ropes that are scientifically engineered, without the old-fashioned guesswork once common in rope-making.

With a full line of ropes, including Cactus team ropes, calf ropes, ranch ropes, and kid ropes, they have something to offer anyone who likes to throw a loop. All of their products are chosen and scrutinized for quality to provide you with only the best ropes, clothing, tack, and accessories.


Here are some of the Cactus Ropes we stock at Boyce Feed:

3-strand ropes:                                4-strand ropes: 
20X   20Xtreme 
Bad Boy   C-4  
Magnet   Xplosion  
Calf Ropes:   Hypnotic  
Destiny   Whistler