Record Rack® Fawn Starter Pellet (50 Lbs)

Record Rack

Record Rack® Fawn Starter is designed to be fed through weaning as the first dry feed for pre-ruminating fawns. This extruded feed helps promote intake by fawns and also works well as a sick pen or transition ration. Packed with optimum levels of protein and energy, plus a complete vitamin and mineral package to support healthy growth and development. It is made with Optimum Performance Technology for the optimum blend of carefully selected ingredients and the right nutrient values for record performance in your fawns. 

This feed is designed to be fed to young fawns, as the first dry feed or feed to pre-ruminating fawns.

  • High level of protein form an all milk source
  • High fat level to support increased energy needed for healthy growth and development    
  • All the vitamins and minerals necessary to help support a healthy bodyweight    
  • Pre and probiotics to help maintain a healthy digestive trac, appetite and digestion 
  • Contains ingredients that help contribute to healthy immune system development
  • Contains ingredients that have been shown to improve natural immunity    
  • Our exclusive wild berry recipe to attract them in and help ensure consumption

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